Welcome to Certified PDF documentation!

V1 of our Certified PDF Api provides the certified distribution of invoices from supplier to client.
It installs an intermediary verification layer that fulfils a double purpose:
  • Verified source:

Clients can declare a whitelist of suppliers through a smart contract, from whom they receive periodical invoices as a measure of protection against phishing.
The smart contract filters invoices based on their supplier IBAN, and therefore decides whether or not an invoice transfer is allowed.
  • Immutable invoices:

All invoices are stored as encrypted PDF files in MongoDb, after which we generate and store hashes for each document on a Hedera topic to prevent tampering.
Once the invoice is stored, it is immutable and cannot be changed without being noticed.
This documentation site describes our process flows and technical api architecture.
We rely heavily on multiple rounds of security analysis to determine and eliminate potential security vulnerabilities.


This project is under active development.


Monitoring & logging